Learn and Practice Refraction & Retinoscopy

Refraction tutorial screenshot

Walk through a refraction, step by step, to learn concepts such as establishing and maintaining the spherical equivalent, refining cylinder power and axis, and cylinder power search.

Like many procedures, refraction is difficult skill to learn by reading or watching videos. While nothing beats working on a real refracting instrument, a virtual refractor is the next best thing.

Refraction simulator screenshot

Practice on an unlimited number of virtual patients.

What's so great about a virtual patient?

Well, for one, they're very patient with students as the fumble through a 30 minute refraction! For two, unlike your -2.00D roommate that you've already refracted 7 times, a virtual patient can be anything you like: Myopes, hyperopes, astigmats, even someone with amblyopia or cataracts that aren't capable of seeing 20/20.

Retinoscopy tutorial screenshot

Become familiar with the theory and fundamentals behind retinoscopy. Learn how to recognize and correct different types of refractive error.

Retinoscopy simulator screenshot

Practice retinoscopy on simulated patients using the refracting instrument or trial lenses.

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